Image: Marjolein Jacobs Photography

"The Medium is the Message."

Marshall McLuhan


Views on Photography

A few years ago, a machine was born which is the honour of our time and which, each day, astonishes our thoughts and shocks our eyes.
A century from now this machine will be the brush, palette, colours, skill, rules, patience, eye, style, brushwork, paste, glaze, tricks of the trade, modeling, finish, and rendering

Antoine Joseph Wiertz, 1855

In this digital age, the medium of photography cannot be treated as a stand-alone medium anymore. Although Wiertz wrote his words more than one and a half century ago, he unwittingly predicted the future of photography. These days, various media engage in complicated intermedial relationships in the digital environment. So, dealing with photography means dealing with, for example, painting as well. It is not a coincidence that all the tools within Photoshop refer to the act of painting. To understand photography is to understand its relations with other media. That is my ambition.